The city of Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Also known as Benaras and Kashi, the city is situated on the banks of Ganges river and is one of the holiest city in the country.
The culture of Varanasi is closely associated with the River Ganges and the river's religious importance. The city  with its medieval labyrinthine layout  has been a cultural and religious centre in North India for several thousand years. Varanasi is a city that will overload your senses. Expect your senses to be assaulted by the sounds and smells of thousands of people going about their lives, crowded streets filled with rickshaws and street sellers, the odd cow, Saddhus, mourners, pilgrims and everything you did not think existed. It a surreal experience and not for the fainthearted.
Varanasi Sarnath
Sarnath is 10 km from the holy city of Varanasi, and is an exceedingly tranqiuil place. The ruins, the museum and temple are all within walking distance.

After the Bouddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya he came to Sarnath. Here in the Deer Park, he delivered his first sermon, or in religious language, set in motion the wheel of Law (maha- Dharmachakra Pravartan). On the day before his death Buddha included Sarnath along with Lumbini, Bodh Gaya and Kushinagar as the four places he thought to be sacred to his followers
Varanasi Bodh Gaya
At about 4 hrs drive from Varanasi is Bodh Gaya or Bodhgaya, a religious site and place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. It is famous for being the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment.
Varanasi Allahabad
Not a typical tourist city, it is still one of the holiest city for Hindus. It has a position of importance in Hindu scriptures for it is situated at Triveni Sangam, the confluence of the holy rivers Ganges and Yamuna, and the ancient Sarasvati River. The city gains touristic sight during the winter months of January-February when Magh Mela ( a yearly gathering of pilgrims at Ganges river bathe for purification of their sins ) is underway.

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