Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, the southern tip of India is a land of unique culture, with a rich history dating back hundreds of years. While Tamilians are proud about their language ’s classic status, high taste in dance, music and crafts, amazing heritage monuments and ancient temples, you will find equal number of modern cities, hill stations, coastal joints, coupled with a yummy cuisine to take care of your taste buds.

One of the biggest states in India, Tamil Nadu is visited by millions of tourists every single year, and provides them wonderful choices when it comes to planning their journey. From architectural beauties, to sculptures, to paintings, to people’s art (popular music, dance & movies), to meditating spots… this land has it all!
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Cuisine
Tamil Nadu has a distinct cuisine, well known for their use of rice, main staple food here. While you are in Tamil Nadu, don't miss these delicacies:
  • Idly (Rice Cakes)
  • Dosai (Rice Pancakes)
  • Vadai (Doughnut or Disk shaped, fried snack)
  • Sambar (Gravy to be mixed with boiled rice, or used as a side dish for Idly, Dosai and Vadai)
  • Payasam (Dessert cooked in Milk, There are many types of Payasams made from rice, vermicelli, sago, jack fruit and more)
  • Kesari (Dessert made from Sooji / Rava)
  • Appalam (Thin discs made from Rice or Black Gram, can be stored for many days, to be fried just before serving)
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Street Food
While the above list covers the traditional Tamil Nadu food items that you would find in a home, or restaurant meal, or in a marriage feast, there are number of Tamil Nadu special items that are equally good, and you will mostly find in the street side:
  • Kothu Parota (A Variation of the famous Indian food “Parota”, Wheat bread. One ore more Parotas are cut, mixed with spicy masala, vegetables, cooked for few minutes in a flat pan and served super hot!)
  • Paniyaram (Ball shaped rice cakes, shallow fried)
  • Sundal (Delicious snack, made from many vegetables and pulses such as green peas, groundnuts, gram dal, horse gram, channa and more)
  • Masal Vadai (Spicy, deep fried snack similar to cutlets, made from mixing many pulses)
  • Bonda (Sweet or Spicy deep fried snacks, may be plain, or stuffed with vegetables, egg etc.)
Tamil NaduWhat to buy @ Tamil Nadu
Every city in Tamil Nadu has something famous that you can carry back home as a souvenir. Consider this list as a starting point:
  • Kanchipuram : Silk Sarees
  • Tanjore : Paintings, Dolls
  • Ooty : Tea, Chocolates
  • Pattamadai : Mats
  • Thirunelveli : Halwa (Food item)
  • Dindigul : Locks
  • Srivilliputhur : Palkhova (Food item)

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