Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, the southern tip of India is a land of unique culture, with a rich history dating back hundreds of years. While Tamilians are proud about their language ’s classic status, high taste in dance, music and crafts, amazing heritage monuments and ancient temples, you will find equal number of modern cities, hill stations, coastal joints, coupled with a yummy cuisine to take care of your taste buds.

One of the biggest states in India, Tamil Nadu is visited by millions of tourists every single year, and provides them wonderful choices when it comes to planning their journey. From architectural beauties, to sculptures, to paintings, to people’s art (popular music, dance & movies), to meditating spots… this land has it all!
Almost every city and tourist place in Tamil Nadu gives you wide range of accommodations. Here is a small list of good hotels you can start exploring from:
Tamil Nadu ITC Grand Chola, Chennai
This luxury hotel is ornate, palatial tribute to Southern India's greatest empires – the Imperial Cholas. The property overlooks verdant foliage in the heart of Chennai. It embodies the highest standards in Indian hospitality balanced with elegant restraint in a prime property with a distinct personality.
Tamil Nadu Taj Connemara
Vivanta by Taj - Connemara, Chennai is the city's only heritage hotel, built in 1854 as the Imperial Hotel, renamed Albany in 1886, and finally re-established as The Connemara in 1890. It was an Art Deco look that the Connemara sported when it ‘reopened’ in 1937. And the legendary architect Geoffrey Bawa added his touch to the tower block and linking pool in 1974. Today it is infused with the spirited style of Vivanta by Taj. A fresh new vibe that complements tradition.
Tamil Nadu Maison Perumal, Pondicherry
Stained glass offsets the familiar local white plaster, an example of how Maison Perumal celebrates its Franco-Tamil Heritage. It took CGH Earth group over a year to restore the building itself, and refurbish it with a studied attention to detail. Researches were conducted into the minutes of fit and finish hotel.
Tamil Nadu Hotel  De Lorient, Pondicherry
The mansion which houses one of the most-reputed heritage hotels in Pondicherry, the Hotel de l’Orient, dates back to the late 1760’s when the birth of most of the current Pondicherry hotels began. Recreated in high-raftered ceilings with savonnerie rugs and easy chairs to lounge away the afternoons, it is one of the best hotels in Pondy.
Tamil Nadu The Bangala, Karaikudi
The heritage home stay at The Bangala is a pleasant diversion to an elegant past with its traditional interiors, beautiful gardens and the classic banquet hall. The Bangala offers 25 comfortable Air-Conditioned Bedrooms for you to choose from- each unique in design.
Tamil Nadu Rajakkad Estate
Originally constructed in the 18th century, this building is a fine example of the southern vernacular, a jigsaw of wooden parts influenced by the house building traditions of Kerala. Drawn from the forests of the Western Ghats, it is a construction of many thousands of interlocking beams, panels and screens, sheltered by a roof canopy that appears to float above, making light of a structural complexity that reflects a forgotten refinement.
Tamil Nadu Tanjore Hi Hotel
Tanjore Hi is a Heritage Boutique Hotel presenting the perfect gateway to the historical region of Tamil Nadu. Located next to the historical Tanjore Palace, the hotel seamlessly infuses tradition with modernity to provide you with an immemorial experience.
Tamil Nadu Heritage Madurai
Heritage Madurai rings with historic charm that echoes in every hallway and every room. Lounge by the Olympic-sized temple tank pool, or luxuriate in a plunge pool in your own private villa. Dine under a 200 year old banyan tree, serenaded by bird calls while enjoying the perfect meal prepared by your own personal chef, perfectly tempered to your particular taste buds. Take a leisurely ‘historic’ walk through the corridors where every stone has a story to tell. There is more to Heritage Madurai.
Tamil Nadu Briar Tea Bungalows, Meghamalai
Briar Bungalows in Meghamalai are virtually cut off from the rest of the world.  Little hamlets of tea plantation workers are all that reminds one of an earth inhabited by humankind. The pace, therefore is relaxed and time seems to move slower.
Briar Bungalow in Meghamalai resembles similar ones built during the British Raj. Glass paned windows, sprawling lawns and a way of life that still reminds one of the golden years of the past come alive.

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