The southern state of Karnataka is among the most culturally, historically, and ecologically diverse states in India. It is home to some of the best-preserved royal architectures in the country. The monuments are not merely reflective of Karnataka ’s art and culture, but also give an insight into the ingenuity of the architects that once walked this land. You even have almost untouched ancient cities still intact, which offer you inexhaustible options for exploration.

The state’s geographical diversity ranges from long beaches of Mangalore to the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. The state has something to satiate every craving of a foreign tourist. It has rigorous treks for the adventurist and serene temples for the spiritual person in you.
Karnataka Bannerghatta, Nagarahole, and Bandipur National Parks
Bannerghatta is in the outskirts of Bangalore. For a fee, you can book a government vehicle to take you through a well-protected safari through this National Park, and watch animals like lions and tigers in close proximity.

Nagarahole and Bandipur are actually two forests connected to each other and hide in their womb the largest populations of tigers and elephants in India. These national parks are heavily guarded against poachers and tourists are only allowed to take specific routes. Even though these forests are connected, the roads connecting each other are not open to the public. While going to Bandipur would require you to take a turn after Mysore, the access to Nagarahole is just before Madikeri.
Karnataka Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
This bird sanctuary is located just 4 kilometers from Srirangapattana. About 170 varieties of birds visit this sanctuary every year. A guide/ferryman will take you on a tour of this area through the Kaveri River. If lucky, you might even spot a couple of crocodiles from your boat.
Karnataka Picnic at Kaveri Nisargadhama
This is a 64-acre island formed by the river Kaveri and is a popular picnic spot. It is about 3 kilometers from Kushalnagar of Coorg district. The only entry to this spot is through a hanging bridge. You find several teakwood and sandalwood trees in this park. It has several attractions like elephant ride and boating.
Karnataka Abbi Falls in Madikeri
This waterfall is located between private coffee and cardamom plantations. A walk over the hanging bridge near the waterfall offers you a breathtaking view of the cascading Kaveri waters over the rocks. The misty clouds formed by the gushing waters add to the magnificent view.
Karnataka The Scenic Bisle Ghat
As you descend from hill city of Sakleshpur towards the costal city of Mangalore, make sure you take the route which passes through the scenic Bisle Ghat. If you manage to reach this place in the early hours of morning, you will be able to savor the nature to its fullest through the misty haze which is typical of this place. You also have several viewing points in Bisle Ghat that give you a beautiful view of the great Western Ghat Mountain Range.
Karnataka Train Ride from Sakleshpur to Subramanya
This train ride is a unique experience in itself as it takes you through the dense forest of Wester Ghats. The journey is made even more exciting by the 58 British-built tunnels, 109 bridges, and 25 waterfalls that fall in this railroad. There are just two passenger trains per day that take these routes.
Karnataka Trek to Kumara Parvatha Mountain
As you descend from Bisle Ghat, you will reach Kukke Subramanya, which is most famous for its Subramanya temple. This place is of special interest for people who love to trek. The temple stands right in front of the huge Kumara Parvatha Mountain, which is a popular destination among trekkers. During the roughly 10-kilometer ascend, you would find streams flowing on the right throughout. You would have to take the permission from the forest department to trek this mountain. You are advised to seek the help of guides who are readily available through the forest department for a small fee.
Karnataka Beaches of Mangalore
As you proceed further from Kukke Subramanya, you will reach Mangalore, which is the first major city that has several well-known beaches in Karnataka. This is also the time when you start noticing a sudden change in climatic conditions. Summer Sands is the recommended beach for foreign nationals in Mangalore. For a small fee, you would be able to enter this well-maintained private beach that also has a nice food joint. Another beach that you must not give a miss in Mangalore is Malpe, which also features the St. Mary’s Islands. There are four islands in total here and legend has it that Vasco da Gama had visited these islands when he sailed from Portugal to India.
Karnataka Beaches of Gokarna
Gokarna is home to some of the well-known beaches in Karnataka, the most famous of these are Om and Kudle beaches. They are very popular among foreign tourists. Om Beach gets the name from its shape which is similar to the holy Hindu symbol “Om.” Kudle beach is mostly preferred for sunbathing. There are also other beaches like Main, Half Moon, and Paradise in Gokarna.

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