The southern state of Karnataka is among the most culturally, historically, and ecologically diverse states in India. It is home to some of the best-preserved royal architectures in the country. The monuments are not merely reflective of Karnataka ’s art and culture, but also give an insight into the ingenuity of the architects that once walked this land. You even have almost untouched ancient cities still intact, which offer you inexhaustible options for exploration.

The state’s geographical diversity ranges from long beaches of Mangalore to the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. The state has something to satiate every craving of a foreign tourist. It has rigorous treks for the adventurist and serene temples for the spiritual person in you.
Karnataka Food Street Bangalore
There are several streets in Bangalore that are famous for local food, but the most hygienic and famous is perhaps the Food Street. It is located close to Lal Bagh west gate and is popular among locals. You are advised to take a tour of the entire street before deciding on the menu. It is impossible to stuff yourself with all that this street has to offer. Apam and Malpova come most recommended in this street.
Karnataka MTR Hotel
If you are wary of eating on the street, visit MTR Hotel near Lal Bagh. This hotel has a history dating back to the British rule. It is mot famous for its coffee and masala dosa. It serves all the local cuisines.
Karnataka Costal Cuisines
Although you find a variety of restaurants that serve costal cuisines in Bangalore, nothing can compare to what is served in Mangalore. The best place to visit would be Hotel Moti Mahal. While this hotel severs several costal preparations, do not leave until you have tasted Kori Rotti and Prawn Sukka. While there, take time to visit Pabbas which is an ice cream joint near Saibeen Complex. This ice cream parlor is extremely famous in Mangalore for its variety in ice creams. Try Gud-Bud which is a concoction of several flavors of ice creams, fresh and dry fruits.
Karnataka North Karnataka Cuisines
On your visit to Hampi or Badami, take time to check out the local cuisines. The dishes are mostly vegetarian curries along with a huge variety of salads. The most famous however is Jolada Rotti (made of corn) with chutney (made of Indian spices). Order a full meal in the afternoon and you will be presented with all that a North Karnataka cuisine has to offer.


Karnataka Commercial Street
True to its name, you will find almost everything ranging from local wear to precious stones in this area of Bangalore. When you are there, do not be fooled into thinking that the main road of this area is the only place to stop. Every little alley here sells one thing or the other. If you love bargaining, this is the place to be in.
Karnataka Chennapattana
A little away from Bangalore, on the way to Mysore, you will encounter the Toy City of Chennapattana. The souvenirs sold here are mostly made of wood. Even though wooden toys are commonly associated with this town, it has much more to offer. If you are planning to give your home an Indian look, just take a walk through this city, you will be amazed by the number of decorative items you find here.
Karnataka Sandalwood Souvenirs in Mysore
Mysore is froth with sandalwood souvenirs throughout. You get everything from soap to carved elephants made of this material here. These are quite expensive; so, if a roadside vendor offers you a cheap souvenir made of sandalwood, steer away from it; it might not be authentic. Visit one of the several government-recognized shops for your purchase.
Karnataka Tibetan Colony near Sakleshpur
The Indian government has settled many Tibetan refugees near Sakleshpur in Hassan district and hence the place gets the name Tibetan Colony. Here, apart from authentic Tibetan food, you also get many souvenirs like wind chimes, bells, and Buddha idols made in Tibetan style.
Karnataka Local Shops in Gokarna
If you are looking to sport a hippy style throughout your travel in India, Gokarna is the place to shop. You get everything from yellow and orange shirts with Om symbols to beaded ornaments here. Since this place is mainly famous for its Shiva temple, everything that you buy in Gokarna has a hint of this God in its make.

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