A visit to Pataudi Palace outside Delhi

Ok, so I thought I will put a quick review of the Pataudi Palace near Gurgaon. I had some relatives over and so we decided to take the kids away for a day. We narrowed down on Pataudi Palace as it was only about an hour away from Delhi and looked pretty in pictures, was part of Neemrana Hotel. Strangely I had never been to Neemrana Hotel, but being in travel trade and ofcourse my wife has visited a few properties I was confident .
So first the good things:
1. Nice Heritage Property
2. Very Big rooms
3. Nice setting with big gardens, peacocks and some other birds to see around
4. swimming pool with the hotel view in background – is pretty nice
5. The place has some history all over its walls, pictures from Mansur Ali Khan Patuadi’s cricketing days, family pictures of Sharmila tagore and others in family etc
6. Last but not the least – the Buffet Food. It was actually pretty good. Even though I am not a big proponent of buffets but this was good.

Now the things that need improvement:
1. Really there is nothing luxurious inside , except the size of rooms. It could easily have done with better upholstery and all
2. No drinking by the pool is a bummer
3. Its a little expensive – had it not been for the two rooms within a suite where we accomodated our 2 families, I would not pay for a single room here.

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Now for the important question- Would I go there again?
Yes if they change theior pricing a bit I will do it. But I am not going to spend over Rs.8000 for just my family. Maybe if there are two families to share its ok… But with a few changes this can be a great place and a lot more occupancy I guess…that is if they want it :)
Here is a link to see the pictures:


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