Case of unmet expectations – Setting the Right Expectation for oneself

So these particular posts I want to discuss why some people would be unsatisfied. One of the main reason is a case of expectations not been met.
Well although there is a possibility that we as a company falter in delivering sometime ( I am admitting to it , while I must also add it rarely happnes – once in last 100 odd instances that I remember and that too did not impact the outcome of the trip) , it is more often a case of us not been able to set realistic expectations. Now unrealisti or uninformed expectations are met in some very obvious instances and these are :

1. Not giving enough time to reviewing the itinerary, or talking tour travel consultant or assuming based of someone else’s trip or purely based of a review on the internet. Well we have had instances where someone once complained after going on our North India Cultural Trip that there was too much of sightseeing of buildings and monuments and there was not enough spirituality while they asked for spirituality. Now after we send out a detailed itinerary , every guest has ample time to review itinerary and ask questions if they do not understand. While we try and put as much online in writing as possible, it is always helpful to have someone ask – there are no two ways about it. So as our itineraries mention a great deal but expecting a NORTH INDIA CULTURAL Tour to be a Spiritual heavy trip would be great mistake. To top it booking at the last minute would never help you to fully understand what one intends to do.

2. The other important reason I found for people not been satisfied is their own attitude . Some people co,me with such negative thoughts and circumspect that I sometimes wonder why did they choose India Tours for vacation. I firmly belive if you are going to wish for negative things will come true for you and you will have a bad trip. One should really visit India with an open mind and try and embrace all that it has to offer.

3. Another set is when people compare themselves with others. To be honest there is a difference between a guest travelling in 5 star hotels or 4 star hotels and the ones in a 2 star hotel. The difference is not so much from lack of service or degree of service provided. It is more so from the hotels and the service at those hotels. It would be a grave mistake when someone on a budget trip would compare its experience with someone else. It is very essential to understand the standard of hotels one has opted for.

4. Choosing your own trip Option. From Basic to Standard to Comfort to Luxury – each of our trip options come with great service and organization. However it is very hard to expect a mountain out of a mole. The rule of thumb for travel in India is the more expensive the Hotel the better it is. So as a general rule try and go with maximum budget you are willing to spend on transportation and hotels.

5. Lastly its important to do homework. Read where you want to go , what you want to experience , what are the offerings , etc but at the end talk to a person on the other hand. It helps . Someone who does not do this and does not take advise will surely fail to experience the trip that they have written down in thier mind.

It comes as no surprise that one needs to talk to someone before setting the trip expectations. At idiscoverIndia we can make sure we provide the best possible experience with your limited resources but its you who also has to contribute to make your trip memorable by sharing your requirements and needs. A one- way communication is a road to disaster for customized trips. Send Your Custom Trip Request.

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