Summer Travel in India

While in India it is pretty obvious that summer is not the time to travel and discover India , however we still sometimes take that weekend break to a nice resort in a not so weather-friendly destination- this is where the problem occurs.

A visit to Castle Bijaipur and Shahpura Bagh in Rajasthan in the month of May made it pretty obvious. While the visit to Shahpura Bagh was my secret review visit, the visit to Castle Bijaipur was a weekend break organized by my father -in law.Both places were pretty nice in its own way and a visit there in such scorching heat definitely made me realize that a winter visit could be an entirely different feel here .

Although the tariffs are much lower in summer but so is the experience and the service. During peak summer months like May and June , when it is obvious that the hotel will not get many guests, these hotels tend to do lots of maintenance work. Additionally their staff goes on annual leave and with fewer people to cater to you there is a n obvious dip in service levels. Again if you can deal with all this , yes it is ok to go during such months – but then that decision rests with you. I still think an early April or late July to September might be better to avail these discounts and still meet midway in terms of available service and experience.

Overall – in India weather plays a big role in deciding where to go and when, and the months of MAY and JUNE are definitely meant for the hills. India Tours

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