Our India Tours- The difference in various options

So many times what we think as obvious might not seem to be so for the first time traveler to India. We found this after we spoke with few people who actually did not travel with us.
Herer are some findings:

1. People did not understand the difference in our use of terms like Tour vs. Packages Vs. Trips. While for us it all meant the same, for the users of the websites perhaps not.

2. Our website visitors had hard time to understand why one 5night 6 days package costed more than the other 9n and 10 days India travel package. ( we ofcourse thoutght it was easy as the more expensive one was listed under Luxury column and the cheaper one under Budget column, but the title of the trip did not specifically mention Luxury or Budget).

3. It was confusing for people about how our pricing was lower than the other competitors.

It is my endeavor to answer all these apprehensions .
To begin with , when you are doing a private travel – a trip package, tour , travel package or tour package – all mean the same.

In the simplest form all these words mean – HOTELS with Breakfast + a personal car that comes with a driver who takes you around all your destinations. If there is a train travel India involved then there is someone to pick you up at the next station. In its barebones thats what they come with. Now for luxury and Opulent trips the guides are part of the price. For Budget Tours The guides are not part of the price but they are optional.

As for the second point- the difference in hotels is one of the biggest difference between a budget and luxury travel package. You still get the same high level of service , but pretty much the hotels are the ones that are different. So is your car- which is a mid size sedan as opposed to a Van.

Lastly the question about our pricing. Before I address that I want to say that we promote a hotel based of their attributes/value for our traveler rather than just the hotel star. Sometimes we provide a higher quality hotel to even our budget travelers , coz the lower quality does not meet the minimum standards and sometimes a luxury traveler might have to do with a 4 star or 3 star boutique because of non availability of a premium hotel . It happens in small towns where options are limited.

Now we are able to provide low costs because of 2 primary reasons:

1. We will book a hotel from multiple sources to get a good price and value ( its something that happens at the back end- we still own the full responsibility of that booking) . So we need not promote one single hotel on which we have a good rate, if someone can provide uas another hotel that we like at a competitive rate then we have no apprehensions in using that. So Our is a judgement call based on yoru needs. Our interest is to meet and surpass your expectations.

2. We have our own office in USA and India , which allows us to work in a seamless manner. Our call centre in India allows us to provide you the most updated ground details and information which allows you to understand whats involved in India Tours – this definitely also helps in reducing costs.

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