How to select your dream India trip : 5 Things to make or break

There are practically 5 things that will make or break your package tour
1. Your Budget
2. Where you go to
3. How you travel , How Much & When
4. The Quality of services offered – Hotel ,Car & Driver
5. The Agency you choose to organize your travel

If you can answer all above you are well covered to ensure a wonderful trip for yourself ahead.

India Travel packages

Here are a few things you could possibly do to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

1. Check on Authenticity of the provider : large companies are much easier to trust than smaller companies, or for that matter established companies with considerable infrastructure and reputation ( could be gauged online via their technology, site, investment, etc, while for brick n mortar its much easier as you already know where to catch hold of someone in case someone falters )

2. Offer Price Difference: A large difference in price, if compared “apples to apples” (considering all things said earlier) should raise a flag. As mentioned earlier your hotel and transportation form the bulk of your package cost and if you are comparing equal products then the difference should not be more than 10 – 15 % percent between the two products or services.

3. Authenticity of what is written: so many times agents or service providers will over promise and under-deliver. Some hotels might be sold as a category higher than what they are; someone may offer to book a hotel even though it might not be available at the time of booking.

4. Payment Options: contrary to belief online payment is still one of the safest modes of payments. to pay internationally. You can also wire money (if paid internationally and only after authenticating the company) or pay part money first and part later on arrival and confirm bookings at the hotel. Overall online payments are still safe as they protect a customer’s interest and limits your liability in case of fraud. It is good to provide your agent with proper documentation as required as that will establish your authenticity thereby protect your interest.

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