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How does Single Travel Match up  work?

Very Simple. If you do not have anyone to travel with , you can contact us and let us know that you are looking for a travel partner. If you have fixed dates,  and a trip in mind, you can book this and we can find you someone for that trip or  you can mention your dates that you are looking to travel and we will send you a note when we find someone for your dates.

Once we have found a person for you – we send you a probable itinerary and price for it and you can book it from thereon.

How do I request a single travel match up?

This is easy  depending on whether you have fixed dates or are flexible you can send in a request  for a trip from our website or email us at contact @ idiscoverindia.com . As soon as we find a match we would let you know.

What If I already have a set Itinerary in mind. Can I get someone to share my trip?

Yes it’s possible. If you have a set itinerary in mind then you can book this trip on single person sharing cost and then have us find you a travel partner. If we are unable to find you a travel partner 35 days prior to your trip or till the time you want us to search ( not less than 2 weeks from your start date) we  will give you a chance to cancel the trip without any charge. Yes right.

However you book and find a person to share the trip, you need to cancel at least 45 days in advance from your start date. At all times there is a cancellation fee of  15% of the total trip cost ( not individual cost but trip cost ).

What if I am unable to find some match for my trip, what are my options?

Well if we are unable to find you an option in prescribed time – which is upto 35 days before you start date , you have 2 choices – you can practically do this trip on your own on FULL price or we can cancel this for you  at no extra cost or  you can try and wait till your cancellation kicks in and still keep searching for a travel mate.

Can I cancel once I have opted for single trip?

Yes you can cancel anytime for a total cost of  15% of the total price of the trip. With less than 35 days remaining you cannot cancel the trip. Only the extras ( that are not covered in trip cost and are charged extra- like domestic flights or guides,etc)  are reimbursed and that too as per their individual cancellation policy.

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