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Places to go to :
The Golden Temple :
This holy shrine is located right in the middle of the old part of the city. The city owes its name to this particular shrine. The highlight of this place is that it is open to all and one must walk barefooted and head covered. The structure inside the holy pool or ‘Sarovar’ is called the Hari Mandir.
This 2-storeyed marble structure is said to be embossed with pure Gold. The way to this is a marbled path right through the middle of the

‘Sarovar’. The Sarovar on all its sides is surrounded by the ‘Parikrama’ which houses the other buildings.

The Golden Temple  complex is a treat to watch at night. The last prayers are done by 10 pm and on a full moon night one can marvel at its grandeur.

The Sikh museum is housed just above the clock tower and offers a gallery of Sikh paintings and displays weapons used in various wars. Entry to this complex is free and is open from morning till evening.

Amritsar Tourism
“Akal Takht”  or the immortal throne
The ‘Jujube tree’ or the Beri tree in one corner of the temple complex is supposed to be as old as the temple itself. It is believed to have healing powers?? And is a treat to watch closely at night when more birds than leaves present on it come and rest in it.

“Baba Atal Tower”
 To the south on the eastern side is this structure which is believed to be built in 1784.
Guru ka Langar or the community kitchen is a prominent feature of anybody’s visit to the temple – your visit is incomplete if you haven’t eaten and participated in the community kitchen. The food is very basic with chapattis and Daal – but what is worth observing is the orderly way it is served in and consumed by anyone and everyone there. On an average about 25,000 people eat here and this increases manifold on occasions like “Gurpurab” and full moonlights.
The four towers in the corners housing the holy book ‘The Guru Granth Sahib’. This is where the holy book is continuously read. The original copy is also kept in one of these towers. Every morning these holy books are brought from the Akal Takht in a procession and returned back every night. You might stay over at the temple to see this procession.

Durgiana Temple:
This is situated at a walking distance to the Golden Temple. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga and is built in quite a similar style as the Golden Temple.

Jaliawala Bagh:
The word Bagh’ means “Park”. This Park is the site where more than 2000 Indians were killed by General Dyer of the British forces in 1919 during the British rule in India. This event occupies an important place in India’s struggle for Independence. There is a martyr gallery where paintings and clay depictions of the massacre are displayed. The park is open to general public from morning till evening for a nominal entry ticket.

This building is situated in the new portion of the city. It is a small place built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and houses a good collection of weapons used by the Sikhs and date back to the Mughal period.

Khalsa College:
Located not very far from Golden Temple – a visit to this old college will acquaint you with grandeur and with its impressive architecture.

Wagah Border:
The Wagah Border is the boundary between India and Pakistan, which is located at a distance of about 29 kms from Amritsar. Every evening a change of guard takes place on both sides of the gate amidst much fan fare and jubilation. The ceremony that involves military personnel marching around the path that leads to the border gate and hoisting the national flag is indeed very impressive. The place is open to visit, however getting there earlier would ensure better seats. You can check with your agent to book special seats in advance from the local military office. People throng the place to view this event taking place every evening at around 5:30- 6:00 pm.
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